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What are the basic items I will need?


-ONLY full seal, ANZI Z87.1 Rated goggles/glasses will be accepted.

+Lower face masks that cover the mouth are REQUIRED.

  -Must be constructed of a hard material.

  -Shemaghs, bandanas, neoprene masks, and etc. will not be accepted.


+Barrel covers are required for every rifle outside of a bag or case in the staging area.

  -Barrel cover must have some type of retention method to keep cover secured to barrel.

 -Pistols are required to be holstered, with magazines/cartridges OUT of the weapon.


-Are highly recommended for your own personal safety while in the staging area.

Are you located on a Paintball field?

Yes, we are located at the paintball field TAG Paintball.

Will we be able to play at the same time as the Paintballers?

Yes, there is more than enough space for us to rotate around the paintballers.

Do I have to worry about getting paint stained on my clothing?

No, TAG Paintball is field paint only and guarantees that it will not stain your clothing.

Do you have FPS or RPS rules?

400 FPS w/ 0.2g bb for GBBR, Spring, & Electric Rifles.

350 FPS w/ 0.2g bb for Pistols (Gas, CO2, & Spring).

345 FPS w/ 0.25g bb for HPA Powered Rifles. (Regulator tournament lock REQUIRED)

25 RPS (1500RPM) Maximum for ANY platform.